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    Peer reviewers are key to advancing scholarship and contributing to the quality of scholarly journals. The editorial staff of the Journal of Human Environment and Health Promotion (JHEHP) is grateful for the unselfish efforts of all of individuals who review manuscripts for this journal.
    A reviewer’s comment decides the acceptance or rejection of an article and they are one major element in a peer review process. All our reviewers are requested to go through the articles submitted to them for review in detail and give the review comments without any bias, which will increase the quality of our journals. 
According to COPE guidelines, reviewers must treat any manuscripts they are asked to review as confidential documents. Since peer review is confidential, they must not share the review or information about the review with anyone without the agreement of the editors and authors involved. This applies both during and after the publication process.

    In order to improve the peer review process, please consider the following points:

  1. A reviewer should immediately decline the review of a manuscript if he/she feels that the study is technically unqualified or if the timely review cannot be done by him/her or if the manuscript has a conflict of interest. 
  2. No reviewer should pass on the manuscript submitted to him/her for review to another reviewer. 
  3. Any suggestion that the author includes citations to reviewers’ (or their associates’) work must be for genuine scientific reasons and not with the intention of increasing reviewers’ citation counts or enhancing the visibility of reviewers’ work (or that of their associates).
  4. In general, the following cases should be checked in a review:
  • Structure of the article submitted and its relevance to author guidelines;
  • Purpose and objective of the article;
  • Title, abstract, introduction, method, statistical errors, results and discussion, conclusion;
  • References provided to substantiate the content;
  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling;
  • Plagiarism issues. If reviewers suspect plagiarism, fraud, or other ethical concerns, please raise suspicions with the editor, providing as much detail as possible. Please visit the COPE guidelines for more information;
  • Suitability of the article to the need.
If you are interested to become reviewer for JHEHP, please send your full CV (in English language only) along with list of all published papers to the editor-in-chief at or

All the selected reviewers should:
  • be a faculty member in an academic organization or university around the world;
  • have prior experience in scientific publishing;
  • have suitable experiences in peer-reviewing;
  • have perfect academic skills;
  • have effective international collaboration;
  • be proficient in English language levels. 

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